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After taking the lead role in Marvel's Ant-Man adaptation, actor Paul Rudd took the most coveted title of the night, winning the leading man award.

In his acceptance speech, the 46-year-old said: "I'm so touched, truly, to be here and to be accepting this... When I was 15-years-old, I got a year's subscription for Christmas...

Speaking about the song Writing's On The Wall, Smith told reporters on the red carpet at the GQ Awards: "I've been keeping it a secret for a year. I wanted to get the song perfect before I confirmed in my mind that this was actually happening.

"I've spent a lifetime running, and I always get away," Sam Smith sings through gently crooned vocals.

Kanye West, Sam Smith, The Who and Janet Jackson will top the 2015 i Heart Radio Music Festival lineup, which was released on Thursday (July 30) ahead of the Las Vegas pop extravaganza’s fifth year.

i Heart Radio Fest will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sept.

18 and 19.2014 i Heart Radio Festival's 5 Best Performances: Ed, Usher, Nicki & More West will perform at the festival for the first time, after performing at festivals like Glastonbury and at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year. Demi Lovato, Kenny Chesney, The Weeknd and Lil Wayne are also included in the male-dominated lineup, after artists like One Direction and Taylor Swift performed at the i Heart Radio Music Festival in 2014.

The Who will bring their 2015 tour to the MGM Grand, Jackson will stop by the festival during the first month of her comeback tour, and Smith (recently recovered from vocal surgery) will take part as a rare 2015 U.

True enjoys the job at first but later sees that most people from the company don't like her ideas and personality.

The actor playing Jimmy tries the hardest to sell a joke but even then he oversells it. That's not the only way the writing got to me last night.

Not even because of his acting, mainly because the jokes are so bad that if you try to sell it you'll easily oversell it. The writing, the directing, the acting, the blocking, the camera work, the editing. Seriousness like that last point aside, the show is just plain bad. And there isn't a good enough reason for me to watch this terrible show again unless I want to see how a show can be this bad.

Some of the hottest men – and women – in showbiz flocked to London on 8 September to attend the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2015 and it was a particularly successful night for the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sam Smith and Paul Rudd who emerged as the top winners.

Hosted by Avengers: Age Of Ultron actor Samuel L Jackson at the Royal Opera House in London, the awards ceremony celebrated the most talented male public figures in TV, sport, fashion, film, music and politics.

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