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In the early 1950s, scientists established theories for using the decay of radioactive potassium (Ar) as a clock for dating certain types of rocks.Called “noble” because it rarely bonds with other elements, argon (Ar) is one of the six noble gases.Kezia Noble was one of the first female instructors to start teaching men to pick up women.She was quickly able to build a reputation at PUA Training from 2006, alongside Richard La Ruina (Gambler).Alongside her dating advice career Kezia has continued to pursue a career as a singer and song writer.This eventually led her to sign with the American record label Renaissance Records. Westgren, Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Your Majesty, Your Royal Highnesses, Ladies and Gentlemen.The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences this year has decided to award with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry a scientific feat which is less a direct improvement of our material living standards, but more a means of widening and deepening our knowledge in different scientific fields.

The ratio of carbon-14 in the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere is very low.

Professor Willard Libby has been selected to be the prize-winner for his method of age determination of materials of biological origin by use of carbon-14 as a measurer of time.

His method has obtained widespread use and has become indispensable in archaeology, geology, geophysics and other sciences.

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