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And next thing you know, we can’t remember the last time we saw another naked adult who wasn’t on I miss more than just the physical pleasure of sex during the dry spells.When things are going well between the sheets, I feel more connected to my husband.According to a 2010 Kinsey Institute report, 22 percent of married women between the ages of 50 and 59 had not had sex at all in the previous year and 20.6 percent of married men in the same age group reported being in a sexless marriage. “You plan other things in your life and you don’t complain about it.(Yes we're wondering about that data mis-match too.) Epp likens scheduling sex to being excited for reservations at a hot, new restaurant -- you're building anticipation for the event, which can be sexy in and of itself. You can do the same with sex.” You should plan your sex date around a time when both you and your partner will have the most energy: it may be an early morning romp before the workday begins and the kids are up, or an afternoon delight session on the weekend.I’m more patient and forgiving over little things, like leaving wet towels on the floor.We talk to each other more and are more affectionate overall.

It was a situation that gave rise to much frustration on my husband’s part and, if I’m completely honest, led to a great deal of rows.“I frequently see a lot of very young couples who are working 14- and 15-hour days and they're wondering why they're not having sex,” Epp told .“And the couples in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are not used to looking at sex as valuable.Lately there have been too many “goodnights” and not enough nightcaps in the master bedroom, so we decided to try something radical.Rather than wait for the mood to strike, we made the choice to treat sex like one more appointment in our daybook to see if it brought us closer together.1.

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