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However, when James tried to seek help from Victoria Police, he said he was told to file an online report with the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)."I said [to police], 'This seems quite a lot more urgent than that'," he said."There's a person yelling at me, threatening, saying 'If you don't respond to me and tell me you're doing what I'm doing, things are going to get sticky for you'."James said he tried to block the blackmailer and deactivate his social media accounts, however the video was sent to several people.

In a similar case, Melbourne man, John, said a woman he met online also filmed him without his knowledge and demanded 0 to not release it.

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Catfishing is a different kind of scam in and of itself.From a photographic perspective, I'm no more revealing than the "new pic" on my profile.However, webcam proves that a person looks the way that they represent themselves online. So, for me, sometimes the webcam can be the added measure required to seal the deal when deciding to meet.He said like James, he was sent images of his Facebook account showing his children and friends, with claims his loved ones would be sent the video unless he sent money.John said he contacted Victoria Police who also referred him to ACORN.

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