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If you do not know the Administrator password, try the default password “456” or the common Pure Cloud default password “1234.” If these default passwords don’t work, reset the phone to the default factory settings. It should start with "0004f2" or "641xxxxx" and be a total of 12 digits.The 6000 looks like an upgrade to the 4000 (just as the 650 was an upgrade to the 601).The 7000 is a larger phone can be linked to a second unit for huge conference tables.

See is a touchscreen videophone that supports SIP and H.323 video.

Please submit any suggestions to Polycom For features request, here is the form: Provisioning Central Boot Serve Installing polycom firmware version 3.0 and auto provisioning with trixbox Database driven Polycom provisioning with Asterisk Real Time Polycom Worldwide offers several SIP-capable phones: There are other part numbers for phones with MGCP and with no software.

While the 30x, 50x, and 600 can be converted between SIP and MGCP, but this is unreliable and thus not recommended.

Choose which method of download you prefer and install the software on your local Windows-based machine.

In your installation process, you will be prompted to download 2.0 which can be downloaded here if not already installed:

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In particular, the 50x has different keycaps, which makes this doubly difficult. Also, there are different part numbers for regions other than NA due to power differences.

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