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"The first time we had sex was a three-way with his girl roommate," says Veruca James, whose fiancé also works in the porn industry.But normally, she said their lives are pretty tame—they'll watch TV, cook dinner, and do everything else couples do.

CCA’s Annual Convention will take place September 20-22, 2016 in Seattle.Here's A History of Athletes (Allegedly) Dating Adult Films Stars.Who's going to end up dating a porn star next?!Something seemed off, so I searched again under a different ZIP code. I clicked both the “Latest Activity” and the “Recently Joined” tab to see if that changed anything. A woman named “Diana” is actually porn star Natalie Sparks (whose image is often used in catfishing scams); the profile photo for “Sarah Reynolds” has been posted thousands of times on creepy image boards across the web, usually with captions like “hot girl with glasses”; user “Martine Saul” is actually a popular vlogger named Aline Faria; and one profile features a stock photo, complete with watermark.The latter is titled “Very Angry Woman” on Shutterstock.

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Some of their relationships have been serious, while others have been sexual in nature (because ).

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