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Arabic poetry is categorized into two main types, rhymed or measured, and prose, with the former greatly preceding the latter.The rhymed poetry falls within fifteen different meters collected and explained by al-Farahidi in The Science of ‘Arud.), commonly referred to as Rutgers University, Rutgers, or RU, is an American public research university and the largest institution for higher education in New Jersey.Rutgers was chartered as Queen's College on November 10, 1766.Rutgers, however, remains something of a public-private hybrid, in particular retaining certain "private rights" against unilateral changes in its governance, name, and structure that the state might otherwise want to impose.

They were written on goat skin in the early Ethiopian language of Ge’ez.

The incredible relic has been kept ever since in the Garima Monastery near Adwa in the north of the country, which is in the Tigray region at 7,000 feet.

Experts believe it is also the earliest example of book binding still attached to the original pages.

Al-Akhfash, a student of al-Farahidi, later added one more meter to make them sixteen.

The meters of the rhythmical poetry are known in Arabic as "seas" (buḥūr).

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It is the eighth-oldest college in the United States and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution.

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