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TYPES OF CARDS: -Numeric Cards: Numbered 1-4 in five "suits," players collect runs and sets to be used on dates.-Date Cards: Each date card specifies a different type of set required to participate (set of twos or higher, any three red suit, etc.). Players will read aloud the date described on the card, inserting the words of their set into provided blanks (Mad Libs-style).is a non-profit, fan-made visual novel that takes you into an alternate Pokémon world that doesn't send 10-year-olds off to fend for themselves.Here, characters from the core series games are put together in a more realistic high school setting. Give them the 0 item during the date, and make sure you kiss at the end. Afterwards, just make sure you raise his exp to 4000 and he has full heart counters. (All Naruto-related material in the US is now copyrighted by the series' new owner, Toonami on Cartoon Network.) I was pretty turned off by the bad animation. After he levels, visit his room and select "other". I was influenced by my g/f and all of the other Sasuke/Sakura fangirls out there.

The player to collect X tokens wins (will have to do some play-testing ^^).Meis, a womanizing "Spirit Blacksmith" with the ability to make magical weapons, finds himself chosen to find the flames before the Dark Acolytes do.However, to increase the power of his weapons, Meis must have the help of a woman, and must increase his 'intimacy level' with her by going out on dates.And one of my favorite games is good-ol' rummy, so that's right in my wheelhouse.At any rate, this is what I have so far for gameplay.

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