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Set in solid sterling silver, coins are about the size of a nickel, or just under 7/8". Using vintage metal stamps, the process is entirely handmade and a makes a unique, highly personalized gift! " A string of digital coordinates will pop up that look like this, 41.879551, -87.623987.Favorite places, where you first met, childhood memories, secret vacation spots, the possibilities are endless! Click on this, and the more familiar and traditional looking 41° 52' 46.38"N 87° 37" 26.35"W latitude longitude format will appear. Item # MSG234 Original steel barrels measuring 24-1/2 inches. Definitely appears to be the original length which is unusual but I'm sure they've not been cut. Ejectors, double triggers and a beautifully engraved receiver. Item # MSG587 Approximately 11 bore, 34-3/4 bbl which is marked "London". Original Walnut stock is in excellent condition with correct checkering. The gun comes complete with a Factory Letter from Holland & Holland stating the manufactured configuration as well as import papers from the original owner clarifying the fact that he had received it as a war souvenir while stationed in Europe. Circasian style walnut measuring 14-1/8" to end of the pad. Have them checked by a competent gunsmith prior to firing.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order by phone, please call us at 847-973-2337The glass used in these cufflinks is excavated from archeological sites in Israel dating back to the Roman period almost 2000 years ago. Israel was a major glass-making center because of its strategic location on the Mediterranean coast.

There is no extra charge for creating two different cufflinks.

Please note: This item is handmade using vintage metal stamps, so characters are slightly offset which is part of the appeal of the piece.

Nice, bright, shiny bores, fluid steel bbls, receiver still has ample amounts of case coloring visible-the rest has aged to the normal grayish look.

Very pretty shotgun with some extra figure wood, very fine checkered pistol grip stock.

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GERMAN MANTEL CLOCK WITH AN UNMARKED MOVEMENT IN OAK CASE WITH A DARK FINISH, CIRCA 1900-1920. THE FRONT DOOR HAS SQUARE GLASS OVER THE DIAL WITH BLACKED CORNERS WITH GOLD DECORATIONS. The case is made of Mahogany and has a few small dents. It has black Roman Numerals and black 5 minute Arabic Numerals. There are 4 unusual corner spandrels: a flower, a clover, and some kind of plant as the 2 right side spandrels.

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