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For each folder you select, Outlook will display the downloaded items from that feed – and will slyly go behind the scenes to make sure that the feed is in the RSS Feeds tab.For my several dozen feeds, this took a while, but wasn’t too bad.Note: These feeds will normally appear empty when the Azure service is healthy so you should only expect them to update when there are reported issues.After an outage or incident they will once again be empty until the next issue crops up.It is possible to view a read-only version of your Teamup Calendar events from within other calendar applications using i Calendar Feed functionality.The web addresses of Teamup i Calendar Feeds start with webcal:// and end with Only the calendar administrator can enable or disable this service in the calendar Settings.

There are several kinds: I was in the latter category – when I opened the Tools menu and selected Account Settings, the RSS Feeds tab contained only a few items, rather than the several dozen I was expecting to see.

If you want to take a look at past issues with any of the Azure services just visit the Azure Status Portal History page.

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(Really Simple Syndication) feeds offer another way to get content.

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I was starting to wonder why other people were getting news stories before me. Looking at my Unread RSS Feeds search folder in Outlook 2007, I noticed that I hadn’t received a single post since June 10th 2009.

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