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While fixing your RSS Feed, the first thing you will need is a validator. Just enter your feed url to the box and click Validate to see the problems.Word Press 3.0.4 users, try this option first: I found a blank line at the end of file that comes with the installation.Just like your site needs to be browser compatible your podcast feed must be compatible with anyone who wants to read your feed.The xml file is well written (I compared it against another one which validated) and the error I found is that that xml file generated by Views RSS puts three blank lines at the beginning and therefore I think the file does not validate.Could someone point me to where I'm going wrong please?Word Press plugins & themes sometimes may break down your xml structure.

When these issues occur, it seems that they are frequently caused by non-ASCII characters. (I use RSSOwl and Dropbox to keep my feeds synced across machines).Regardless, I consider this a "serious issue," since I find the Koken generated RSS feeds useful, when making scheduled, automatic posts to other social media via Hoot Suite, IFTTT, Buffer, etc. Thank you kindly, Ronald/* UPDATE 2 */Bjarne found the bug and fixed it. At least 2 RSS feeds that are being generated are not functional in the RSSOwl aggregation software.Also unable to display the feed in Internet Explorer 9 due to invalid character errors in Titles.

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