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Let RL Liquidators protect your brand name and image while simultaneously producing higher recovery rates than any other reverse logistics liquidation company.Contact us at [email protected] more information and let us be your reverse logistics partner.The lengthy period SAC has taken to sell off assets draws attention to what are called side pockets, which are hard-to-sell investments segregated in accounts.Capital invested for that asset is typically not available for withdrawal until the investment matures or becomes more marketable, for example when a private company goes public.To support them in their efforts, we at RL Liquidators are asking our customers to consider making a small donation to Kure It when you pay your invoice.0 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Our bankruptcy attorney represents clients in financial distress for only 0 in chapter 7 bankruptcy.Our mission is to provide private parties and professionals with a service that will assist with the liquidation of estates in all circumstances including the passing of a loved one, when transitioning a loved one into an assisted living facility, during times when it is necessary to relocate, in the event of financial hardship, or for other various personal reasons.

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RL Liquidators specializes in providing reverse logistics liquidation services to retailers and manufacturers of all sizes.

We Strive To Make The Experience Straightforward And Seamless While Maintaining Transparency And Integrity In All Aspects Of The Process.

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Late last December the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is in charge of the process of winding down the business, granted SAC a one-year extension because of the challenges in liquidating those assets it holds for outside investors without resorting to a fire sale. Another 19% of side-pocket investments are invested in five private funds. Cohen now manages his own money and that of eligible employees in a family office called Point72 Asset Management.

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