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Donald Glover Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Troy Barnes is a Muscle Hunk.

Who’d have thunk that Donald Glover (you might know him as Troy Barnes in the NBC show, Community) is hiding some really well-defined washboard abs that rivals The Situation’s and Taylor Lautner’s?

I hadn’t heard of Samantha until I You Tube searched a Childish Gambino freestyle performance at Fatbeats in LA I totally should have been at.

More recently Brian Michael Bendis, creator of Miles Morales, the new half-hispanic/half-black Spider-Man, mentioned that Donald’s campaign directly influenced the new character’s looks.

He said of Glover’s appearance on While Donald had been playing around with guitars and rapping since 4th grade, it wasn’t until college that he got started producing music.

And while I was curious as to who Donald Glover’s cute DJ friend laying down the dope beats was, it took me until I saw her play two sets in San Diego during Comic-Con before I knew I had to interview this lady with serious tastemaker style.

Countless plays of her mix track later, I got a hold of Sam to ask her how she met Donald (it was on Twitter talking about their obsession of an Amerie remix) and learned her full-time gig is leading the PR department at branding agency 722 Figueroa. You can start with two things she’s totally excited about right now. Last month I had the honor of DJing in Singapore, and I opened for Dâm-Funk, a funk artist I really admire.

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