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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Mostly it's just a bunch of pics with his buddies at a bar and the 'About Me' section says "Ask me and I'll tell you" or a series of random letters to take up space.

Hi girl's I would be interested in knowing what you think the perfect first message would look like I am not talking general terms, like specifically, write a message bellow that you would want to receive as a first message from a guy(hope this doesn't break forum rules, sorry if it does)Sorry, not a woman, but I also know that there's no such thing as a perfect message, just things to avoid doing. Just be sincere and don't be discouraged if you don't get replies - not everyone is going be a match for you and vice-versa. ;)This is fine and dandy, and a well thought-out response to the OP.

Here’s’s relationship expert Kate Taylor with dating advice on how to give great copy.

Yes I’ve learned over the years there’s an art which needs to be mastered in order to be really good at this cybergame.

In my earliest days the biggest stumbling block I encountered was always; to women in my emails.

Since it’s a bit of a numbers game, once you start writing to a lot of ladies, you will be sending out a lot of e-mails and you will quickly face the following challenges: Even though each lady you send an e-mail to is unique and her profile has specific interests, you will want to mention the basic “hello” message you send for the first e-mail.

This will be will be pretty much the same for most.

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