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KHUA extends a warm welcome to Glen Le Crys (Gore Court HC), Keeley Wicks (Dartford HC) and Kathryn Wilkinson (Blackheath @ Elthamnians HC) who recently achieved L1 Assessed accreditation and have joined our Association.

It is proving particularly problematical to find a date for the 2017 AGM when the key members of the Management Committee are able to attend and a suitable venue is available.

The old University of Leuven was founded at the center of the historic town of Leuven in 1425, making it Belgium's first university.

Catholic Christianity was introduced to the people in Myanmar around 1554, Protestant Christianity in 1807, Modern Pentecostalism asserted a rediscovery of the New Testament phenomenon of baptism in the Holy Spirit evidenced with speaking in tongue (glossolalia) at Topeka, Kansas in 1901.

Ever since, the Pentecostal witness has spread and reached nations all over the world and is becoming one of the largest Christian families on earth.

He has been my go-to guy for the dish, and I don’t believe I’ve tried it anywhere else. For some reason, the Phlapphlachai intersection is home to at least five restaurants and street stalls serving kuaytiaw khua kai.

Visiting the area over the course of two nights, I did three of these restaurants.

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