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Despite the packaging, Knocked Up, Superbad and The 40 Year-Old Virgin are full of old fashioned love and world weary maturity.There are two scenes in Zack And Miri Make A Porno that show that Kevin Smith can do serious, and when he does, it feels a lot like a Judd Apatow film.All this for one of the years nicest romantic comedies."Zack and Miri" is vintage Kevin Smith, blending the cheerily offensive with heartfelt sentimentality, and while its nothing groundbreaking or even terribly gratuitous (sure there are some cock and ball, ass, and boob shots but what comedy doesn't have those now-adays), it's also one of Smith's most successful attempts with the formula.His mother, Sandy, is a social worker and his father, Mark, is the assistant director of a Workmen's Circle.Rogen himself has described his parents as 'radical Jewish socialists.' His elder sister Danya is also a social worker.

With their friend Delaney, the couple set out for auditionees for their porn film, but in the process of filming, they realize they feel more for each other than they had before.After landing his job as a staff writer on the final season of Da Ali G Show, for which he and the other writers received an Emmy Award nomination, he was guided by Judd Apatow toward a film career.Rogen made his first movie appearance in Donnie Darko with a minor role as a rebellious student in Donnie's high school classes in 2001. But it's that fumbling uselessness that keeps us cheering him on, and he's not made a bad movie yet. Yes, there's this shtick he's got - the whole chubby, schleppy, nerdy guy-gets-the-beautiful-girl thing - which seems both sneaky and slightly suspicious.

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Rogen was cast in a major supporting role and credited as a co-producer in Apatow's directorial debut, The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

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