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In the 1987–89 treatment area, numbers fell by 88% over 33 months following first treatment, mainly due to a reduction in occupied sites.

Groups were smaller and single sex groups more frequent in treated areas compared with an adjacent unsprayed area.

“It was like a movie,” an eyewitness told the As the officers attempted to remain calm in the face of the freshly arisen, undead hooker, Ma Ndlo repeatedly yelled, “you want to kill me, you want to kill me!

” In the ensuing madness, her client, who was awaiting police questioning, escaped from the hotel. Tweet me @Weird HQ, leave a post on the Planet Weird Facebook page, or share your story in the comments below.

“The women who come to us trust us with their lives so we have to show them we can be trusted.

Even the way our office looks goes a long way in establishing the relationship we have with our clients,” she said.

Working in an industry notorious for rape, abuse and disease, retired sex workers in Zimbabwe have opened a prostitution consultancy catering to younger sex workers As shocking as this might sound to many, one of the elderly women who runs the consultancy told Zimbabwe’sthey were doing this to help young women protect themselves from being taken advantage of.“Because we did not have a service like the one (Mankarankara and crew) are running, I fell pregnant.Having been impregnated at 17 years after her widowed mother failed to pay her examination fees for O-level, she prematurely weaned off her first born child at just 11 months and left her in the care of her mother when she was promised work at a Hillbrow hotel by a village friend — Memory who had left the country before her and was now the envy of many villagers.It is concluded that tsetse spraying operations have had a severe, and possibly prolonged, impact on the White-headed Black Chat population of NW Zimbabwe.In this photo taken Thursday, May, 28, 2015 a lone woman walks along a Harare street.

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Lima Mankarankara (65) said they teach the new sex workers about the industry and how it works. “Men take advantage of girls, so this is a way of making sure the girls stay safe and avoid unwanted babies while getting a little something for ourselves,” Mankarankara said.

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