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The Herald reports : ROBERT FAIRBURN February 29 2008 A Scottish rural affairs civil servant has been accused of starving to death more than 50 lambs on his farm.

Andrew Struthers, 48, is one of the first people to be brought to court under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 which his own government department drew up.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 WELLCOME HISTORICAL MEDICAL MUSEUM RESEARCH STUDIES IN MEDICAL HISTORY No. THE ICONOGRAPHY OF ANDREAS VESALIUS Copyright including all the Illustrations in this Book is Strictly Reserved. Chevalier de VOrdre de Leopold OJficier de VOrdre de la Couronne de Bclgiquc LONDON JOHN BALE, SONS & DANIELSSON, LTD. 1925 Let astronomers vaunt their Copernicus, natural philosophers their Galileo and Torricelli, mathematicians their Pascal, geographers their Columbus, I shall always place Vesalius above all their heroes. Portal, Histoire de I' Anatomie et de la Cliirurgie (1770). Royal College of Physicians (with a Literary note) ...

A Scottish rural affairs civil servant is being brought to court under the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 after being accused of starving farm animals to death.

​ Small businesses account for almost half the UKs turnover, providing jobs for over 12 million people. Un Comite s'etait constitue a Bruxelles, sous la presidence de notre Bourgmestre Max — la publication d'un "Liber memorialis" avait ete decidee et deja plusieurs collaborateurs s'etaient mis a l'ceuvre. Spielmann qui s'etait attache au chapitre interessant de " I'lconographie vesalienne." Le "Liber memorialis" devait paraitre en decembre 19 14, au moment de la celebration solennelle du jubile du grand anatomiste. la guerre a empeche la realisation de notre beau projet. Spielmann avait, pour l'histoire de l'art, une si grande valeur intrinseque que sa publication s'imposait independamment de celle du "Liber memorialis" auquel il avait ete primitivement destine. THE ICONOGRAPHY OF ANDREAS VESALIUS (ANDRE VESALE) ANATOMIST AND PHYSICIAN 1514—1564 PAINTINGS— PICTURES — ENGRAVINGS — ILLUSTRATIONS— SCULPTURE— MEDALS WITH NOTES, CRITICAL, LITERARY, AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL BY M. WELLCOME COLLECTION MADE AND PRINTED IN GKEAT BRITAIN TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE BELGIANS THIS WORK COMMEMORATIVE OF THE GREAT BELGIAN ANATOMIST H n & r e a 8 Desalt us IS BY THE KING'S GRACIOUS PERMISSION MOST RESPECTFULLY AND GRATEFULLY DEDICATED FOREWORDS. Avant la guerre (c'etait en 191 2) nous avions projete de celebrer le quatrieme centenaire de la naissance de Vesale. Mike Bor We can all agree it would be morally wrong to use the privileges of government office to slander someone.It would be doubly wrong to do this in order to influence what may be a close fought election. You can have a debate about ‘an Islamic State’, a completely different matter. Mr Cameron needs to clear this up and he needs to do so before the election.

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