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Playing Bernard Black, he became famous for three series of forbidding the use of party as a verb, freezing a bottle of wine to make an ice lolly and using a wicker basket as a toilet.

Now 43, Moran has quit smoking, doesn't particularly want to talk about drinking and is back on what can only be described as a truly enormous tour of the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand that grinds to a gradual halt in October.

She’s seen the fruitful: She went on “one kiss-less bad date” with a neighbor.

However, they certainly don't want to be with a woman who Men need to feel strong, useful and smart, so they like women who help them feel that way.

If you are constantly berating him, questioning his every move and trying to make him feel like an idiot, he will leave you.

The general notion that we should be squatting to poop is hilarious.

as a superlatively angry, vaguely young man back in 2000.

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I have a sexy hallway rapport with my hot downstairs neighbor, but I’m not sure how/if to proceed. Or, even worse, what if we take our flirtation from the hallway to the bedroom but it turns out we only have chemistry in passing?

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