Siblings are dating

My understanding and the impact these deaths, based on my age when they died, was completely different.

But, both of my sisters’ deaths had a profound impact on my life.

The series tells of the love affair that develops between 27-year-old Koshiro, and his 15-year-old sister, Nanoka. Only twelve episodes of the series aired, with the remaining episode streamed online and later included in both DVD releases and when the series aired in reruns as the eighth episode.Sexual abuse between siblings remains one of the last taboos to be addressed by society - and as such, it is rarely discussed in the media, or even among survivors themselves.It comes as a shock to many people that children can present a risk to other children, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that children (even children within families) can post a very real risk.I’ve experienced how the death of two different siblings, at two different times of my life, and in two unique sets of circumstances has impacted my family and me.These two death experiences were completely different.

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Losing Shannon was even harder for me than losing Miki, and not just because we were closer. How wrong so many of us are about siblings and grief.

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