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We've set up the plugins, discussed the features and our current situation.

We were using Git Hub for the Diem source code and issues, the website for documentation and php BB as forum, all obvious choices but quite separated from eachother.

What’s perhaps more indicative of a person’s best of or worst of any given year is where they feel the general public has been mistaken.

Certainly, frat boys and soccer moms galore will scoff at my pick of magazine named it the best film of the year… There are a number of critical bandwagons that always end up puzzling me, even if it doesn’t outright offend my sensibilities.

And it had that Michael Cera in it expanding his life past the criminally-axed . And for every minute of awkward teenage dialogue about cocks and Orson Welles, there was another nine of zany antics.

Basilea, his sister, concealed the fact of his death until she could summon her husband, Raymond le Gros, to 21 The Story of Dublin Dublin.

With all his faults the great earl had won the respect of his subordinates and maintained order with a strong hand.

I’ll watch Jennifer Jason Leigh in fucking anything, so when even her presence fails to hit me in the right spots, my alarm signal goes off.

I’ve never known anyone to casually like the work of Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang (or his compatriot Hou Hsiao-hsien, for that matter), as their films seem geared toward the most avid of international film aficionados.

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