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Even if you don't think your computer is important enough to protect ask yourself these questions: How much trouble would it be if I had to erase my computer and reinstall all of my programs? What if my computer was used to attack other computers? The answers to those questions is generally not good, it's everyone's responsibility to make sure their computers are protected and it is easy to get started with the software we offer. If you are offsite the client provided to you is configured in such a way that it communicates with the SOPHOS company server.This allows you receive updates directly from update server.With the release of Sophos Anti-Virus 9.x though, Sophos changed how their antivirus solution for Macs was installed.Sophos has now switched to using an application to install their antivirus.The Splunk Add-on for Sophos can collect threat and operational event data from a Sophos Enterprise Console server by using a universal forwarder or by receiving the data over syslog.To use syslog over the network, install Sophos Reporting Interface and Sophos Reporting Log Writer on the Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) server.This document describes the installation and/or upgrade of the Sophos Antivirus (SAV) product.

I sent a new exclusion rule to stop scanning the sophos folders and "reprotected" the clients. Worked for all my 350 clients although the AV server took a kicking while they all updated. Edit all of your ' Updating' policies in Enterprise Console. The above steps can be repeated for just those computers. At least manually clearing the quarantine lists is feasible, if not a pretty option.A copy of the Sophos.keychain file, which will need to be taken from the following location on a Sophos Enterprise-managed machine: /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/Sophos.keychain A copy of the com.plist file, which will need to be taken from the following location on a Sophos Enterprise-managed machine: /Library/Preferences/com.plist 1.Sophos users woke up to mayhem on Thursday after the business-focussed antivirus firm released an update that classified itself and any other update utility as a virus. Manage to vpn in and turn off on access scanning and we only had about 50 boxes that were effected by this.Note: This step is not necessary if you want to collect this data locally using a forwarder installed directly on the Sophos Enterprise Console. To configure Sophos to log to disk you must install the Sophos Reporting Interface and the Sophos Reporting Log Writer. For installation instructions, please refer to the Sophos website.For the past few major releases, Sophos used a standard installer package to install both their free and paid antivirus solution.

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/Library/Preferences/com.plist in Sophos 9.x now no longer contains login information, only server locations.

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