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' The ground was pulled out from underneath me... I was fortunate enough to catch them when they toured Australia in 2008 right before they broke up. I'm so glad I saw them, in fact nothing was going to stop me seeing them on that tour. I'll be sure to see Wild Flag too when/if they tour here.My dad did not know that Corin and I had ever dated, or that I even dated girls." In 2006, The New York Times described Brownstein as "openly gay." In a November 3, 2010 cover-story for Portland, Oregon's Willamette Week, Brownstein laid to rest questions about her sexual identity: "It’s weird, because no one’s actually ever asked me. *goes to look up site's tour info...* I saw them live three or four times.Sometimes the humor comes from taking something really seriously. I just think Eleanor has one of the coolest voices in music. But my dogsitter left some homemade kombucha [tea] in my house. I'm still trying to figure out how to rid myself of literally three vats of homemade kombucha in my upstairs bathroom cabinet.A lot of people probably know about her, but my gaydar went off when I was watching an episode of "Portlandia." There was just something about her.said she is either a lesbian or bisexual. This is copied from Wikipedia, Brownstein was outed as bisexual to her family and the world by Spin when she was 21 years old.The article discussed the fact that she had dated band mate Corin Tucker in the beginning of Sleater-Kinney (the song "One More Hour" is about their breakup).After the article was out, she said, "I hadn't seen it [the Spin article], and I got a phone call.

Probably figuring out how to have a better relationship with people by portraying all these strange married couples, kind of learning how to connect with other people by pretending all summer to connect through characters. I think they can't help but be part of the same sphere. Vincent's collaborative work with Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein isn't limited to a handful of appearances on Portlandia, as Annie Clark recently revealed that the pair are sitting on some unreleased material they worked on together.A recent appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast brought up Clark's Tulsa upbringing, her time playing with the Polyphonic Spree and David Byrne and more, with a late-conversation piece turning to her relationship with Brownstein. My favourite thing about her playing is she's not afraid to go anywhere, and she always ends up in some place really cool that I never would have ever thought about: rhythmically, melodically.Carrie was born as Carrie Rachel Grace Brownstein on September 27, 1974, in Seattle, Washington, U. Carrie spent most of her childhood days in Redmond, Washington.Carrie’s mother was a house wife and a teacher while her father was a corporate lawyer. Carrie with the consent of her family went on to take up a singing career.

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