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The main problem that I wanted to solve was how to process large XML files in chunks while at the same time providing upstream/downstream systems with some data to process.

Of course I've been using JAXB technology for few years now; the main advantage of using JAXB is the quick time-to-market; if one possesses an XML schema, there are tools out there to auto-generate the corresponding Java domain model classes automatically (Eclipse Indigo, Maven jaxb plugins in various sauces, ant tasks, to name a few).

It also provides high-level HTML form manipulation functions.

It is an open source library released under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), and Apache Licence.

The St AX impl I've used for testing (which is included in JDK6) doesn't seem to support validation (setting is Validating proprty to true fails). XB with SAX (custom written handlers, XInclude disabled, property replacement disabled, non-validating)first run: 127.1next 1000 runs: 892.4 XB with SAX (default handlers, XInclude disabled, property replacement disabled, non-validating)first run: 127.8next 1000 runs: 997 JAXB (XInclude disabled, non-validating)first run: 119.8next 1000 runs: 1088.4 XB with St AX (custom written handlers, property replacement disabled)first run: 22.6next 1000 runs: 1015.3 XB with St AX (default reflection-based handlers, property replacement disabled)first run: 24.8next 1000 runs: 1102.1 The initialization with St AX is unbeatable.

The simplest way is to mark a given type with @Xml Root Element annotation.

The drawback with SAX is that it processes the whole document start to finish; this might not be necessarily what one wants for large XML documents.

, which enforces heuristic restrictions on the number of entity expansions.

Note that this flag alone does not prevent resolution of external references (system IDs or public IDs), so it is slightly misnamed.

class in Example 13.6, “Helper class to prevent DTD external entity resolution in Open JDK”.

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As one probably knows there are mainly two approaches to processing XML data in Java: DOM and SAX.

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