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Try to use your posts to do research on something you don't fully understand from the lesson that week!Posts are due by Friday at am and are expected to be made FROM HOME. :) Relative dating is when younger rocks are over older rocks.DIRECTIONS: Preparation: Note: For a more straightforward exercise, make the models for groups beforehand, or, for a more open-ended exercise, have student groups make models for other groups.If students are making models themselves, allow an extra class period and make sure that they have a good understanding of the laws of stratigraphy (and, thus, the rules by which layers of sedimentary rock are formed and changed over time) so that the models they make reflect what may be found in nature.

Although there might be some mineral differences due to the difference in source rock, most sedimentary rock deposited year after year look very similar to one another.Ocean & Water Atmosphere Tips & Tricks Class Photos Miss Forsythe's 6th Grade Science Class based in Atlanta, GA.Students: Please make at least three posts each week.The site also provides fact sheets on the age of the Earth and isochron dating. Ask me anything Info for my Students NOTES :) Other Science Scientists Geology Space!

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Determining the Age of Rocks and Fossils, University of California, Berkeley.

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