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Quality pottery was mass produced and decorated with lines, plants and animals.

Metallurgy and other crafts (particularly those related to the maritime industries) became more specialised.

Instead, it’s thought that the enormous ash cloud from Thera was mostly carried due east, hundreds of miles to the north of Egypt, and that no substantial tsunami reached the Egyptian coast.

The marble used for these vessels probably came from the nearby islands of Paros and Naxos and together with finds of Theran pumice stone (used as a polish abrasive) suggest the presence of inter-island trade.I was accused of promoting a religious agenda over science. Some of the mythology surrounding Thera has taken on the status of a near-religious belief, a belief that is, by and large, not borne out by the scientific evidence, as I try to explain here.Many books, scientific articles, TV documentaries, etc, have appeared over the last few decades claiming that the C17 BCE eruption of this volcano created all of the conditions necessary to explain the miraculous events of the Exodus naturalistically.I wrote about this topic last summer here and here, when I gave a conference paper on the much-hypothesised effect of the Bronze Age volcano Thera (now called Santorini) on ancient Egypt and the Exodus.The reason I’m returning to it again is because of some challenges I received recently, which prompted me to return to the evidence.

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These dates were compiled using historical records produced during the lives of the pharaohs, and some radiocarbon dates of archaeological sites, and have been tweaked over the past century and a half.

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