Turtle dating meadow soprano

I wouldn’t have imagine these two getting together but apparently Jamie Lynn Siegler and Jerry Ferrara are very much a couple.

The actress used to play Meadow Soprano on the hit series, The Sopranos, while the actor is a regular on Entourage where plays Turtle.

My mom always marveled at how much my dad must have loved Yosemite because he came up there every weekend....little did she know they would marry in Oct of 1951.But, being a Soprano, some of Meadow’s life experiences differ significantly from her peers’.Not many young women have a father who garroted a business associate while accompanying her on a tour of college campuses.“Did (other) kids ever find fifty thousand dollars in Krugerrands and a .45 automatic while they were hunting for Easter eggs?” Tony and Carmela’s firstborn, Meadow Mariangela Soprano is, in many ways, a typical suburban ingenue: pretty, bright and talented, she was a high school honors student.

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But Meadow is tough and clear-eyed about her father’s profession.

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