Tversity library not updating

This way, you won't unnecessarily load in a bunch of media files that you don't plan on sharing.

Once you have added in all your media, the "Sources" tree view on the left hand side should list them.Most of my information came from readmeblog (click here for blog source), searching forums and trial and error.The goal here is not to take credit for discovering the optimal settings for streaming media with TVersity, but to get everything down one place, written in a clean, concise fashion.Quick Look: Formerly named USB Media Player, Roku Media Player lets you watch photos and videos and play music through your Roku using a USB thumb drive (on Roku players with a USB port).You can also stream photos, videos, and music from a computer on the same network as your Roku player, if that computer is running a compatible media server, which includes Windows Media Player, Plex, Twonky, and Tversity.

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You can click on items to change their options, as well as use the "Update" button to update the folder when new files are added.

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