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That will redirect all calls for the old assembly to the new one. I’ve blogged before on how to Easily add a dll to the GAC, but that involves two instances of Windows Explorer and the mouse. NET Framework, the Windows shell extension enabled you to install assemblies by dragging them in File Explorer. I know there is a lot of information in the net about the GAC, so this post is going to cover the basics you need to work with the Telerik Rad Controls for ASP. I also know it has been a long time since the first post in the series that treats the easiest upgrading approach, but you know what they say – better late than never :) For the impatient ones – go explore the references.So, let’s start with the Global Assembly Cache fundamentals: GAC is the short version of "Global Assembly Cache". Before you ask about performance - whether there is a performance gain is a question that is really difficult to answer because JIT compilation also yields great results. To run it go to Start - run the Visual Studio Command prompt (or Developer Command prompt, depending on the VS version you use, but you got the idea, I think).It is a common place in the OS where assemblies that are going to be shared between different applications can be stored. Perhaps for a large number of applications that use the same assembly there may be a difference but confirming or refuting this claim is a long story that is not the point of this post. To install an assembly called Some Assembly in the GAC, use the command There are more options the tool offers, so MSDN holds the answers for the curious ones.This doesn't seem to work for me without restarting IIS.Basically I want to make a quick fix to the assembly without restarting IIS or recompiling all the web apps that use the assembly. Have you tried putting a binding Redirect statement in the machine.config? url=/library/en-us/cpguide/html/The other option is publisher policy files, but I have had a bit of trouble getting them to work. url=/library/en-us/cpguide/html/Hope this helps -- I have had lots of troubles getting this stuff to work. NET, but in environments where you really need shared assemblies and a single version deployed over multiple apps, you end up with dot Net Hell (aka Hell.

Heath pointed out to me that what I am trying to do in this scenario is an in-place update of an assembly in the GAC – meaning that the assembly has the same strong name but a different file version.I am using Wi X v3.0 to create these MSIs, and I discovered that by default, Wi X does not include the file Version attribute in the Msi Assembly Name table when it creates MSIs. Doing either of the following will cause Wi X to include the file Version attribute for all assemblies in the Msi Assembly Name table of the MSI: After using one of the above options, I rebuilt my MSI and verified that it now contains the file Version attribute for each assembly in the Msi Assembly Name table.A frequently-asked question is how to install an assembly into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and overwrite the old assembly that has the same strong name. Multiple versions of a managed assembly can exist in the GAC at the same time and the Common Language Runtime (CLR) loads a version based on the manifest for a calling assembly, or the calling assembly can load an assembly by its strong name.I have a global assembly that is referenced by several applications. I want to make a quick code fix to the assembly (this fix did not break the interface) and then either keep the version the same or increment the build number or revision number so that it is something like was under the impression that as long as you don't change the major or minor versions all applications will immediately start using the new assembly when it is placed in the GAC.

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