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Industry on several planets crashes which makes it impossible ti build anything on them etc. I do appreciate the work stardock has and is putting into this project and their communication with fans/customers.And i am sure they will crack down on all of these issues in time.I don't have any problems with the resistration and so on BUT, it was certainly confusing.I bought a Gold Edition a week ago or so but I had hard time registering/updating.btw I have cut and pasted all the errors and sent them to the support/ticketing site.

By the way thanks for answering my posts on not only this message thread but others pertaining to the same problem.Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Monday, July 3rd and we will be returning on Monday, July 10th. I tried running Beta 2.005 and SDC 2.09.339b90 but wouldn't activate the game. I uninstalled Galciv2, and now it no longer appears on my list of games. On the reg screen, what's this "buy tokens" button? Basegolf didn't come up as the #1 choice in the drop down menu box before. - Nobody - Your woebegone partner in beta-less pain Andrew Evans, I hope that you understand that if you hack or crack Gal Civ2, you will be kicked out of the beta, and that we would be justified in bringing legal action against you. The tech also inform me that evert thing should be hopefully up and running by tomorrow.We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time, but expect delays in responses during this time. I tried uninstalling SDC, rebooting, installing SDC v2.05, updating to SDC 2.09.339b90, setting the server to California, and turning on the pre-releases. Oddly enough, I can see Galciv2 in my registration window. I understand that you are frustrated, but making threats is not going to help. Actually, we should have another build of SDC up today that will fix some of the activation issues. Each with the same result, in the end no matter what I do I'm getting the Activate Screen, even if the system would appear to go though the activation process automagically during the install process. SDC installed Gal Civ2 into the following directory C:\Program Files\Stardock\Total Gaming.net\Gal Civ2 Also there is no a file in my Gal Civ2 folder below is a list of files/folders that do exist binkw32Crypto Util Data Fonts Gal Civ2GCConfig Gfx Lib3Screens SDNet OS: Windows 2000 Server Sp4 with latest hotfixes. Hyperthreading On: Coming soon to a google search engine near you: Gal Civ2 hack cracker cheat trainer serial number Andrew, From what I've been told, the problem is that SDC isn't auto-activating. Hopefully this one won't take Galciv2 off the games menu. All you have to is just go under Stardock Central, Tools, Product Rigerstration. BAD NEWS I just talked to a Stardock tech and the tech told me they are having problems with the serial number installation. I've sent a letter to support asking them about this. Heck, ACTIVATE isn't even trying to access the 'net at this point. GUYS/GALS: This is about the 20th time i Ive done this (i'm sure your servers will show that not to be an exageration).

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