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After pushing a button , i recreate the Jlist and i would like to REFRESH the JScroll Pane with my new Jlist.

So I am trying to teach my self how to my develop games with java by cloning older games. When you need to execute operations into a separate thread that interacts with the state of a Swing application you should use invoke Later or Timer.

Let's take a closer look at for our single bouncing ball.

In our introduction to threading with Swing, we said that any updates to the user interface must happen on the event dispatch thread.

I also set up the key-event handler, so that we could use ESC key to quit the program in full-screen mode.

Click HERE to download the source codes for this example (unzip the downloaded JAR file).

You can read the full text of past Basically Visual columns. Here I present solutions to a few problems that I have encountered in my programming. Customizing the Web Browser control Avoid using the Internet Transfer control Validating web links Sending email from a Visual Basic program Clear all Text Boxes on a form Create blinking text on a form Display 3-D text on a form Change Text Box margins Aligning controls at a specific position Don't forget the Tag property Sizing a Form's interior Getting colors from a Picture Box control Auto Redraw and the Paint event Capturing screens from a Visual Basic program Filtering Text Box input Getting and using screen information Clipping the mouse cursor Move the mouse cursor in code Drawing "rubber-band" boxes Undo for Text Box controls Disable a form's Close button Modify the System menu Accept only uppercase letters in a Text Box Keeping a form on top Using custom mouse cursors Ensuring that all forms unload Remembering a form's size and position Support formatted text with the Rich Text Box control Toggling a form's title bar at run-time Understanding the Combo Box control Get to know the Sys Info control Changing Combo Box height Implement auto-find in a List Box Selecting all text when a Text Box gets the focus Save time with control arrays Adding controls to a form at runtime Scrolling controls on a form Understanding the Key Preview property Create a pane splitter Changing text alignment for Forms and Picture Boxes Create an "auto-OK" dialog box Create a "Sticky" Button Creating Graphical Command Buttons Implementing mouse-over effects Using the Picture Clip control Implement a Mouse Exit event Fire a Command Button repeatedly Create a temporary file name Verify that a path is writable Determining the type of a drive Using INI files for program settings Deleting files to the recycle bin Dragging files to your Visual Basic program Display file properties Display a select folder dialog Reverse character order in a string Parsing strings Is that on a weekend?We dutifully start up a new thread so that our queries won't block the user interface: That was the easy bit.But now, from our query thread, we want to update a progress bar or some other component showing the current progress to the user.(I am somewhat new to this website as well, so please don't criticize me if I am using the wrong format or what not. I am just looking for help from a community that understands what they are doing more than I.) Pong Class: import

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The run() method is called when the thread is started.

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