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However, I agree that the TT marketing folks have tried some rather childish "tricks" over the past few years to get customers to spend more than they need to. I'm disappointed that so many corporations are deliberately deceptive in their marketing of financial products.(See below this update for my original review....)CRITICAL UPDATE (04/17/2017): NO VERSION OF Turbo Tax ADDRESSES MARYLAND'S "PENSION EXCLUSION" deduction for DISABLED pensioners UNDER age 65!This is a BIG, HUGE mistake/oversight/whatever because if you qualify it deducts ,400 from your Maryland AGI!After letting Intuit know "what I was doing" in the form that pops up, Turbo Tax closes.Any subsequent attempts to restart the software and open a tax return results in the same error.On the other hand, I have no affiliation with the company and am not being compensated in any way for this review. I downloaded the software on a Windows 10 desktop system, then updated it, then imported my last year's return.The process worked as advertised, with no hiccups and took under 5 minutes. Intuit - Turbo Tax sent notification that my tax refund was processed and to expect the funds via direct deposit. Please is there anyone out there going to do something against these criminals, JUST say upfront how much your service is!!! I only make around ,000 a year, and my deductions are pretty simple: EIC, Child Tax Credit, and a few work-related expenses. The bottom line is having lived thru starting from scratch, I see little incentive to stay with them next year, so will try another service. I'm too pissed off to add up how much over .99 I paid to pay taxes!!! Turbo Tax never mentioned that there would be an IRS fee for processing the installment payments. The purchase price was to include completion and e-file of 2015 federal income tax, along with that of one state of my choice.

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I called Turbo Tax technical support, and after several minutes the agent stated that the Amazon download file must be corrupt (regardless of the fact that the error does not occur until Turbo Tax downloads the update). She recommended that I request a refund from Amazon, then purchase and download the software from the Turbo Tax website.

If anyone else has had a problem with Turbo Tax charging for online filing when they advertised it as being free, please let me know. They don't even deserve any stars but that's the only way I can warn people about them. It was conveyed by their customer service representative that the bank allegedly rejected the direct deposit. Anyhow, after spending a couple hours inputting all the necessary information and having the program calculate federal tax along with tax for the State of Iowa, after all this, I was informed that I would have to pay a charge of .99 for state tax calculation.

This is NOT, however, the only way you can qualify for the pension exclusion....

If you are under age 65 and are 100% permanently disabled you (and/or your spouse) can also claim the pension exclusion.

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