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Last week, a spokesperson for Nvidia told TG Daily they know of no serious engineering issues regarding the XPS 700 and Nvidia equipment which would have contributed to these delays.

If it's anything Dell doesn't need right now, it's more systems catching fire.

And if you haven't already ordered one, well, maybe you can get a good deal on an XPS 600 Renegade on e Bay.

From hours of searching, this seems to be a common problem with Win 10, tho' I've only just experienced it after the November 3 Gb "upgrade ? I have a 5 year old Dell Studio XPS 435MT and the Dell support pages were useless.

My impression of this is it will unlikely be supported for 10 :-/ I have 2 other laptops that now have 10 that run great.

This issue for me is a challenge I won't back down from.

I did send Dell an email stating that I was willing to test it for them. Select Display adapter (in my case it reads 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' that I need to change to 'ATI Radeon X1250') 6.

The solution might not be applicable to other makes but after the dozens of other offered solutions that achieved nothing, this worked and moreover has stayed working.

Apologies if it doesn't work for your system but my elation prompts this posting !

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