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They have sympathy, but no empathy, for what I'm going through.

Maybe some people here can help me through this hard time.

My boyfriend and I started dating a little under two months ago, before he was due to go to BMT in San Antonio, at the Lackland base. We almost didn't meet, and the only reasons we did were so extraordinary, we constantly joke about how it must be meant to be.

His original ship date was the first week of July, I think, but he didn't receive the job he wanted.

Professional support for the individual and the individual's family is crucial, and personal relationships have the potential to damage that vital support.

Like recruiters and educators, counselors and caregivers have a strong professional obligation to those who rely on their services.

In addition, recruiters, educators and trainers may not become socially involved with any member of the recruit or trainee’s immediate family.This is my first time posting, but I've sort of been lurking around this group, and realized that there are lots of women going through the same situation as me (dating someone who just recently joined the Air Force).To be honest, I don't feel as though a lot of people who are close to me in the "real world" understand exactly what it feels like to have a loved one go through BMT.His recruiter wait-listed him, so instead of leaving with his friend, he stayed behind two extra months.By that time, he'd met me once, but had never actually spoken to me.

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