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My logic is that each number multiplied by it's radix, when summed will be divisible by 11. So I added print statements, and I can't understand why I am getting this output.

For nine-digit inputs, I'd like to form a valid ISBN by calculating and appending the check digit.

The semantics of the elements and their attributes are defined in the W3C Recommendation for HTML 4.

These semantics provide the foundation for future extensibility of XHTML.

The problem I am facing is with the ISBN-10 check which occurs before the ISBN-13 check, the ISBN-10 check will match anything with 10 characters or more and so may mistake an ISBN-13 for an ISBN-10. My mistake, I did not read the ISBN documentation properly. Be careful, it appears that ':' is not the only separator though: find Isbn($str) var_dump(find Isbn('ISBN:0-306-40615-2')); // return 1 var_dump(find Isbn('0-306-40615-2')); // return 1 var_dump(find Isbn('ISBN:0306406152')); // return 1 var_dump(find Isbn('0306406152')); // return 1 var_dump(find Isbn('ISBN:979-1-090-63607-1')); // return 2 var_dump(find Isbn('979-1-090-63607-1')); // return 2 var_dump(find Isbn('ISBN:9791090636071')); // return 2 var_dump(find Isbn('9791090636071')); // return 2 var_dump(find Isbn('ISBN:97811')); // return false validation the Wikipedia article for ISBN has some PHP validation functions for ISBN-10 and ISBN-13.This is an in class example that is not going to be graded it is just to familiarize us with getting our designs to a working's what I have so far mind you this is a simple console program.Changes between this version and the previous Recommendation are illustrated in a diff-marked version.This second edition is a new version of XHTML 1.0 (first published 26 January 2000).

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