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Once you do it a few times, you'll think back and wonder, "What in the world was I so nervous about to begin with..." The trick is to get by the first-time jitters. You won't have to know everything about kissing when you kiss for the first time because guess what?Your kissing partner will probably think it's pretty awesome too.If you’re a member of Team Kissing Is Not All-Important, it’s all-important for me to be up front and tell you that we don’t have anything to talk about. I saw a couple doing this on the street the other night and I had to look away. The Phantom Kiss is when the two lips don’t actually touch. If all this seems too confusing, just go in for the hug and wait until next time to tackle the kiss.

Your first kiss won't be a 20 minute make-out session.

Girls Guys Community Q&A If you haven't yet experienced your first kiss, it can be a daunting challenge.

Whether you are the one kissing or the one being kissed, there are certain things you could do to enhance the experience.

Once you are comfortable kissing, you can try things to turn it up a notch, such as French kissing.

This wiki How assumes the reader is heterosexual, but the content should still apply to anyone.

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By the third date, she may be ready for it and really waiting for you to make a move.

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