When updating bios using asus update

It wiped it clean, loaded the new one, and then it couldn't verify.At this point your only two options are quit or retry.

There have been scores of people with the same issue, if only I had known before hand. In perhaps a moment of great stupidity and laziness, I reflashed the bios on my ASUS P5B Deluxe using the ASUS windows based flash utility.On this disk we will place a new BIOS image and any related files used for flashing.Once the disk has been created, reboot the system and allow your newly created disk to load automatically and begin the flashing process.So the main question is, what can I do to fix this.I tried loading the same BIOS update through the hard drive, that I downloaded onto from my computer, and it only says that it is too old of an update. I had turned CMO (probably wrong with that) from enabled to disabled and then disabled secure boot from the security menu on the BIOS and it somehow fixed it.

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See your particular BIOS vendor's web site for these files and for more information on the commands you will to need to use to begin the flashing process.

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