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The Foolish hitmaker had her raven locks styled pin-straight with a center part as she sashayed around the Foxwoods stage.Ja Rule - who is happily married to his longtime love and is a father of three - opted for a more casual look. We wrote each other while he was in.'The duo will perform at the venue again on Friday night and make an appearance at Club Luv 1 before heading off to California for Soulquarius 2017.

Their 2001 duet song Always on Time became a worldwide hit.

grew to include R&B singer Ashanti: Ja Rule’s album saw the introduction of the songstress on “Always on Time,” and the rest was history.

In 1999, the label saw the quick rise of Queens-born rapper Ja Rule, who debuted with “Holla Holla.” Two years later, Murder Inc.

Later this year, she’ll be part of the music team behind the Tupac Shakur biopic, to be directed by John Singleton. Twelve years removed from her debut, the Long Island native is now an independent artist and the head of her own record label, Written Entertainment. There were things that were done and said, and I felt like if you have a problem with me come talk to me. We were all living different lives, and then one night we saw each other like, “Hey, what up? Because going through being indicted by the feds, it’s something very draining, frustrating and hard to deal with. I’ve also been one of the most loyal people on planet Earth.

It’s hard to look at Ashanti and not recall her beginnings on the scene, giggly and bright-eyed. Just behind the scenes—from fiscal year, to budget, to the commodity, to splitting yourself in half. Don’t say something in an interview or on the radio. ” There were plenty of nights that we did see each other, and it was just like [nothing]. Ashanti: Irv reached out, and we talked and it was cool. I feel like I rode out ‘til the wheels fell off, the car got smoky, the windows shattered, and beyond.

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