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"We both want small and intimate, but I come from a very large family so as small and intimate as it can get with my big family," Julianne, who has four siblings, added.'We've been so blessed and so fortunate over the years that we've met so many incredible people in our life.Read more of the interview at and check out February issue, on newsstands January 8.Julianne Hough is on top of the world now, but in a new interview the actress reveals that her childhood was far less perfect. "So I had to leave that situation and kind of come into my own again and I did." Hough's character, Katie, in the film adaptation of Nicholas Spark's bestselling book, falls in love with a widower after escaping a abusive ex-boyfriend.And through that you find love and everything." PHOTOS: Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacret's sweetest moments The former magazine she was "abused, mentally, physically, everything" while studying dance at London's Italia Conti Academy of the Arts.Actress Julianne Hough has set a wedding date after postponing her nuptials earlier this year.

I wanted so much love.” “While I was in London, I was abused, mentally, physically, everything. I would look over to see if it was okay if I answered.PHOTOS: Stars who survived abuse "I've been through certain things that have sucked the life out of me . She needed to change and move on and kind of find her own again. "Being Katie, I relate a lot to her," she tells ET Online.I wanted so much love." PHOTOS: How Julianne became a red carpet star But she doesn't want to dwell on her past, dark life."I'm a very forgiving person, and I don't want to hurt anybody," she said.

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I’m a very forgiving person, and I don’t want to hurt anybody. So it was like, I can’t go back, I have to be this person.”On why she never told her parents, “I’d rather take the pressure on myself. I was perfect – perfect to a fault.”She described a tough scene with co-star Josh Duhamel, “I went from bawling to containing to laughing to crying again. I think it was the most therapeutic moment of my life.”Julianne says that her role in the film is what prompted her to talk openly about her abusive past. To me it’s more about being that voice for people who don’t necessarily have a voice.”hits theaters February 14th.

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