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He's incredible and if you are reading this YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME BECAUSE SCIENCE.As of 3/23/13, he has 525,125 subscribers and 101,854,978 .Currently married to Daniel, their relationship name has been hotly debated. During the 2015 E3 livestreams, Rebecca indicated to be a fan of anime series, similar to Dodger who also appeared on the stream.They were married on the 12th of November, 2016; a picture them after the ceremony can be found here. In 2017, a series of "Lowkey" streams began, in which Rebecca became the unofficial reader and questioner for the twitch as well as declaring new subscribers and "Twiddley Bits".‘It’s kind of scary.’ Jack certainly knew what he was talking about — having become famous after demonstrating how he could sabotage cash machines and make them dispense large sums of money (a trick he called ‘Jackpotting’) by hacking into a bank’s computer system.In recent years, he had developed a specific interest in what is known as ‘embedded’ technology, the hardware and software built into everyday objects such as cars, banking systems, home appliances and medical devices.

Rebecca is Dan's wife and currently works as the resident game-developer and artist at Nerd Cubed LTD. In fact, Rebecca is so quiet that a confirmation of existence would be lovely at some point.She first collaborated with Dan on the 14th of September, 2013. Since then, Emma has appeared in 4 episodes of the WWE face-off, The GTA V Heist series (The Second Heist, which also had Steve and Larson in it) as well as Demma Plays, a series which has moved over to Emma's gaming Channel, Birdy Boots.Emma's main channel, emmablackery, was created on May 13, 2012 and her first video was released in July 2012.His You Tube channel has earned over 2.5 million subscribers.His father Steve Hardcastle is a popular You Tuber who runs a channel called officialdadcubed.

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