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Yes, we admit it was a bit painful to witness, but before the Age of Obama, a glimpse into a happy, loving political couple was such a breath of fresh air.

"She and Bill have a really nice rapport."Another friend told The Washington Post that Bill and Tipper have a "deep friendship" when asked about the relationship status of the pair.It’s been nearly two years since Al and Tipper Gore shocked the public with news of their separation, which came after 40-years of marriage.The couple was quoted having said at the time of their split: Sources indicate the couple merely grew apart after Gore’s bitter and surely disappointing loss in the 2000 presidential election.To that end, I’m going to reveal seven red flags that let you know that the guy you’re dating is NOT serious about you. He's not necessarily mean, but he just doesn’t want the same type of relationship that you do.Often this problem stems from single women believing the can change a man's desire for a relationship. Once a man tells you he doesn’t want a relationship or, when he doesn’t make time to see you on real dates, the rest lands on your shoulders.

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