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The windows time service was started successfully" msg.[SC] Start Service FAILED 1058: The service cannot be started because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

A couple of potential Real Time Is Universal bugs have been identified over the past few days, there might be more.According to a Wikipedia article the registry key you are citing doesn't fully work, even on recent versions of Windows: Windows expects the real-time clock of the computer to run on local time.Since Windows NT there has been a registry entry Real Time Is Universal=1, but this feature is not supported or fully implemented yet (including Vista), so it is not possible to run the real-time clock on Coordinated Universal Time.I've been facing this problem for 2 weeks now..pc date & time keeps resetting every time i boot the computer..I've replaced the cmos battery with two different ones,configured the time by placing the jumper over pin 2 & 3..detached every wire in the cpu,cleaned the cabinet properly and attached'em carefully and tightly..i've tried setting the date & time by pressing F2 and entering bios setup..performed full pc scan in safe mode with MALWAREBYTE'S ANTI MALWARE...fixed the registry with registrybooster..timezone is also correct..still the date nd time changes on every reboot...

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