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The giant anacondas of the region are close to their mating season, and the males are testy, hungry and deadly.

They are larger than normal because they have been eating the orchids as part of their dietwhich proves the science, but doesnt help the scientists. Urban: Filmed in Fiji, finished at Fox Studios in Sydney at the sound and editing facilities, Anacondas is as much fun as it is scary.

This might be out of fear of getting hurt but can and found that New York was also a pretty awful place for dating and ranked high in attachment anxiety.

The states that had the best luck with finding potential partners and happy relationships?

Great Taipei Travel has essential travel information of Taipei, New Taipei City and Keelung, including tours, foods, attractions, accommodations, as well as Taipei MRT map and hotels nearby Taipei MRT stations for your travel ease.

Located in Muzha, Taipei City Zoo is a few minutes’ walk from the Taipei City Zoo MRT Station.

SYNOPSIS: Deep in a Borneo jungle, an extremely rare red orchid the blood orchid may hold the key to producing a youth-preserving -and big money making - serum.

When a gung-ho group of scientists embark on the treacherous journey into the jungle to harvest the orchid during the rainy season with just two weeks before it disappears again for seven years, they realise that more than the weather and thick jungle separate them from their treasure.

With terrific locations and top pictures; manageable Fiji stands in for deadly Borneo.) This time, the cast is lesser known but its also a different mood: where Anaconda had a darkly humorous, tongue in cheek feel some of the time (including the famous end-shot with Jon Voight going down the throat of a giant anaconda, winking) this film takes its humour in more traditional form, but its a major asset to the film.

"Utah residents are known to be very nice, warm and generous, which many people attribute to the large Mormon population," said Chopik.

So if you're in the market for a new partner and want to have the best luck, you might want to book a one-way trip to the Pacific Coast region.

Doorstep scams, in which traders go door-to-door offering goods or services that are never delivered, or are of poor quality, were found to be above the national average in the West Yorkshire and Humberside Police areas. , said the storage of personal information online had been a gift to criminals.“As more information is available about us than ever before, fraudsters are finding it much easier to know who to target and how,” he said.“These criminals are constantly finding new ways to rip us off and those tackling fraud should be upping their game.”Which?

wants banks to give stronger protection to customers who are tricked into transferring money from their bank account to fraudsters.“The government needs to set out an ambitious agenda to tackle fraud, while law enforcement agencies need to be working harder to identify and protect the people most at risk from fraud,” Mr Shaw said.

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One of the researchers, William Chopik, points out that neither is good for a relationship.

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