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Nazriya finally landed her first female lead role in the Malayalam film Maad Dad (2013).

Nazareth has several smaller regional parks which complement its "Crown Jewel", the Borough Park on North Broad Street.

A new Pool will replace the sprawling but now inoperable WPA-built structure constructed in 1937.

Reluctant to say goodbye to the 18,500 square foot oval Pool generations have loved, Council kept the aging facility operating before ordering a new filter system in 2012 only to discover other structural problems would not allow further use.

She studied in Our Own English High School, Al Ain, UAE and Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School, Trivandrum.

She has stated that she wants to study something related to business and that she may take up either a Commerce or BBA course.

With eleven parks and just under six thousand residents, the Borough of Nazareth can boast of an unmatched ratio of parks / per person.

Home to the Nazareth Pool, the Borough Park offers recreational opportunities for nearly every taste.

There is a number of computers have a required file.All of those events have traditionally put our Borough's best foot forward and have seen massive attendance.The July 4th Kazoo Parade is a fun event and a chance to show your patriotism and perhaps even show some musical ability as well.With the Bit Torrent protocol that file is broken into segments and is distributed to all who also need it.The month of July has always been Summer's highlight with Nazareth Day, the Fireworks Show and the Chamber sponsored July 4th Kazoo Parade.

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The few inquiries which had reached me before, consequent on the brief summary of the paper having appeared in the Times of India, Bombay, now increased both in number and in purposefulness.

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