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Our Support team will provide the correct patch for your Disk Station model.

There are no plans at this moment of supporting other DDNS services, but you never know... NET 3.5 framework to be installed for the service to work. The program is freeware and provided even with source code.

Support replied to me earlier today that it's caused by an update of the zoneedit website. The mail did not mention an expected due date for the fix though.

I assume a change in the DDNS feature will require an update of DSM, so we'll have to be patient and hope it's fixed in the next release.

You can buy a domain name anywhere, and then use Zone Edit's dynamic DNS solution to point that domain name to your machine.

What you need to do now is to inform Zone Edit when your IP changes and update the address, so the domain name points to the new one. The service will periodically ask your computer (or your router) for its IP address.

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Imagine the fun your friends and family would have contacting you if your telephone number changed every day! In Windows, it's in the Support tab of the connexion's Status dialog.

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